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Gingersnaps and Kitchen Tables

One morning this week I was baking gingersnaps, and my whole kitchen was filled with the spicy smells of fall—cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. It was one of the rare times I had the kitchen to myself, and it was completely quiet, except for the hum of the dryer, and the click-click of Atticus, my Corgy’s, […]

Apple Pickin’ Time

As August winds down and brings us the dog days of summer, my mind turns to the prospect of apples from the Happy Apple Farm here in Colorado (, and my memories of apple harvesting in Mississippi. I was always excited when I got to be the one to climb Aunt Evelyn’s old apple tree […]

Crawdad Holes, a Louisiana Plantation, and Crawfish Etouffee

Whether you call them crawdads, crawfish, or mudbugs, if you’re from Mississippi or Louisiana, chances are you’ve seen them, caught them, or eaten them. My most recent encounter with crawfish was this spring, while traveling in south Louisiana, along the Great River Road. We visited the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana (   The huge live oaks, […]

Reading Trixie Belden and Picking Blackberries

Growing up, I spent most of my summers with Grandma and Aunt Mary. Grandma’s house was where my mother, along with eleven of her fourteen siblings, was born. The house is a big rambling farm house, built just after the Civil War. It sits at the end of a long driveway and, at that time, […]

Pass the Biscuits Please!

Everyone knows the best way to eat muscadine jelly is to spread it on a hot, buttered biscuit. Every Southern cook has his or her own special way of making biscuits. Mama made hers with shortening up until she found out she had a cholesterol problem, then she started making them with oil. I have […]

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