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Lynne Bryant

Lynne Bryant

As a writer, many of my stories come from my upbringing in rural Mississippi, where my maternal grandparents farmed cotton and my mother is one of their 15 children. I grew up during the era of the Civil Rights Movement and came of age during the volatile integration of Mississippi’s schools.

The Tougaloo Series Part 2: Inez Prosser, Pioneer PhD

The young Grace Clark, one of the main characters in Catfish Alley, attended Tougaloo College from 1931 through 1935. Grace was strongly influenced by Dr. Inez Prosser. Unlike many of the characters whose names I changed for Catfish Alley, I made the decision to keep Dr. Inez Prosser’s name. Dr. Prosser was the first African […]

The Tougaloo Series Part 1: “From Slaves to Scholars”

I was recently asked in an interview why I believe the Catfish Alley story is mine to tell. I suppose that question could be expected when one is white and writing from the point of view of black characters. My response may seem simple: I believe a writer always puts herself or himself into the […]

Good Advice, Great Grits, and a Grand Time

My first book tour for Catfish Alley was a combination of the familiar places and faces that remind me of my rootedness in Mississippi, combined with the brand new experience of being a published author—something I will always consider a privilege.     My first morning at Mama’s I was up early before the sun drinking in the scents of […]

Mississippi Book Tour

I’m excited to be headed to Mississippi tomorrow for my first book tour for Catfish Alley! I’ll be visiting several locations around the state, and then completing my tour with a signing in my hometown of Columbus. The Natchez and Columbus signings are happening during the Natchez Spring Pilgrimage and the 71st annual Columbus Spring Pilgrimage!   […]

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